Timeshift Reviews

Lancaster Photographic Society.

20th January 2020.

"Stephen Lewis is a highly accomplished landscape photographer and his stills photography oozes the deep, loving relationship he has with wild places and dramatic landscapes. His presentation chronicled his progress over the last 5 years in moving into the dynamic world of time-lapse photography and mastering the technical and artistic challenges of this increasingly popular genre.

Members were treated to a thoughtfully constructed, hugely entertaining and highly informative presentation. Stephen expressed his creativity, invention and technical expertise in a series of time-laps films that brimmed with drama and emotional impact and transported our spell bound members into the wild places he loves. His clever marriage of visual images and sound tracks intensified the experience and planted indelible memories in the minds of our members. Stephen’s work and his thoughtful advice on equipment, process and software will surely generate interest in this rewarding photographic genre, and stir in our members a desire to experiment."

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