Timeshift Reviews

Wilmslow Guild.

6th March 2017

"The crowded room immediately fell silent as Stephen grabbed everyone’s attention with a taster of his quite spellbinding time lapse productions. His productions were not just brilliant photography but were enhanced by a great variety of complementary music!

Having specialised in landscape photography for over 25 years Stephen explained how several years ago he was looking for something new, something different, to challenge him and he ‘found’ time lapse photography.

After a brief history of time lapse photography he went on to explain the hardware and software needed for the job. To achieve his exceptional level of accomplishment some specialist kit and software is needed but he explained how basic time lapse photography was within the reach of most keen amateur photographers.

The very professional and most enjoyable presentation was illustrated with several films that he had created. We saw sunrises and sunsets, the Northern Lights, the Milky Way, shooting stars, and clouds scuttering across the skies. We visited Scotland, the Lake District and Iceland, and as a finale, we flew around North Wales on Stephen’s TIME SHIFT magic carpet."

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